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Reaper's Mansion

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So what is Reaper's Mansion you may ask?

Well it's not your typical walkthrough haunted house. It is a completely interactive Haunted House that you and 5 of your companions must figure out how to go through! The Haunted House is Massive and takes about 15 - 25 mins to get through...depending on how fast you can run! The Haunted House is brought to your by TEM HOME Music School and Le Nordik Spa

More Details about the event below.


What days do you run?

We run 7 days a week, starting October 17th until November 3rd. This is our first trial run at this location, we will be constantly updating and adding to the attraction as we go. We have also been given the green light to host this attraction for the community from year to year, so tell us what you think and enjoy!

What are your Hours?

We open everyday at 12:00pm, we close down at 6:00pm to reset the Haunted House and re-open at 7:00pm for the Nighttime show. There are many dark areas in Reapers Mansion, Including the parking lot, please watch your step and remember, the Reaper and his crew are not responsible for any injuries or lost souls due to your voluntary participation in the event. Enter at your own risk!

What age group is the Kid Friendly version for?

Every child is different, we recommend the daytime for kids 8 and under, some kids still wont go through and some don't find it scary at all. In the day we remove or cover many of the scary props and there are no or minimal actors in the Haunted House. During this time the Haunted House is more of a maze.

What is the recommended age for the Nighttime Version

The nighttime version is pretty intense, kids who are afraid prior to entering can ask the front door person for a flashlight which tells the actors not to scare the group. We use darkness, strobe lights, heavy fog, loud music, heavy bass, distraction , loud noises and surprise, to name a few in order to perform our scares.

NIGHTTIME IS NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone who is Pregnant, Prone to Seizures, Has Heart or Mental Conditions or Issues with any of the implements we use in the haunted house. We are semi contact and so the actors may touch you, YOU MAY NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS, any return physical contact will result in your removal from the attraction, NO EXCEPTIONS. We do this for your enjoyment, we will not hurt you, just scare the ....poop....out of you, respect our Actors and Props and we will all have a great time! We are Proudly Wheelchair Accessible!

Is there anything else to do at Reaper's Mansion

PLENTY!! Every day during the 12:00pm to 6:00pm we have live musical entertainment, many of them being under 18 and extremely talented! We have face painting by professional makeup artists, we have paint a pumpkin! As of Thursday October 24th, there will be even more events and attractions during the daytime, a massive Corn Maze, Jumpy Castles and Other Kids games and rides, obstacle courses, projector video games and competitions and much more!

During the night we will also have attractions for the adults, such as Stand Up Comedian Ryan Hillis as our resident Reaper! During the Last three days of the run we will be hosting 19+ licensed parties featuring celebrity talent and some of the best bands and acts around Ontario, you will not be disappointed with these lineups! Tickets are $30.00 at the door or $25.00 in advance or $60.00 for all three shows

Use coupon code "REAP1" to get the deal on advance ticket sales @!

Is Reaper's Mansion Free?

Unfortunately, no. We have run for free for the past four years, but this new and better location comes with much overhead and to make the experience better we have brought on better staff. Even though we have much more costs now, we have still maintained a great price for the amount of entertainment and a portion of our earnings always goes to a local Charity. This year we are supporting two, Hearth Place Cancer Support Center and OASIS Animal Rescue Center. Please keep mind prices do go up the last week of October. Please visit our Admission Page for full details. Reaper's Mansion accepts, Debit, Credit Card, Cash and Offers Cashback.

Is it scary?

Well, we will answer your question with another, Does a reaper take Souls for a living? YA its scary, not because we go boo, because you have to either deal with the actors or the haunted house itself to find you way out, when we say we WILL get everybody, we mean it, bring your toughest friends!

So whats so different about Reapers Mansion Anyway?

NICE TRY - we aint gunna give our secrets away, lets just say there is nothing like this nor has there ever been in Ontario, or even Canada. We are truly unique, original and not to be missed! Beside the differences in the Haunted House itself, how many other haunted attractions offer, food, music, a Live DJ doing the Haunted House Sounds, Projected Games and Competitions in Call of Duty, Rockband and Zombie Killer, in addition to THE BEST Licensed Halloween after parties from London To Kingston, we guarantee!!

Can I get Advance tickets and where from?

You can get advanced tickets from for all our events, event the after parties (19+). If you buy tickets in advance you will receive a discount using code "REAP1"

Do you run Rain or Shine?

Yes...and no.... If we are not in a monsoon, we will run, but we have to think about our student actor and the rest of our staff. We will always post on our facebook and website if we need to close due to the weather, so be sure to check before you come in inclement weather!

When do you close?

We typically close at 10pm Mon, Tues, Wed and Sun. On Thu, Fri and Sat we close between 12 and 1am, depending on how busy it is.

How do I contact the Reaper?

You can reach the reaper at or at 905 409 1687 / 905 409 6871

More answers coming as the questions roll in!


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